Most people have heard of a car broker, but not everyone understands exactly what it is we do. In fact, we get asked this question so frequently we thought we’d write a series of posts explaining what we do and how our services can benefit you. In this first post, we’ll discuss the role of a car broker and why you might need their services.

Car Broking Explained

A car broker is engaged by a client to help them source a particular car and negotiate the best possible price. They take care of the whole buying process for you including:

  • Conducting research to assist you in finding the best car to meet your needs
  • Negotiating a fair market price for your trade in when tendering for your new car
  • Taking you along for test drives where possible
  • Providing you with quotes
  • Assist you to complete monetary transactions
  • Arranging delivery of your new car

In other words, it’s a car broker’s job to make the job of buying a car quicker and easier for you. Car Brokers charge a fee for their services so make sure you discuss these costs before you engage their services. Some car brokers will charge a percentage of the value of the cars they are buying, while others will charge a percentage of the savings they receive from the car dealer. Your Buyer charges a one off, fixed service fee so you can be confident you won’t be hit with any hidden extras down the track.

Finding the Right Car Broker for you

An experienced car broker knows how to secure the best price for you, prices that are often reserved for bulk vehicle purchases or Fleet buyers. They will quickly source a number of car quotes and offer their expert advice to help you through the selection process. A good car broker will also give you a complete ‘drive away’ price so you know the total cost of your new car in advance. You also need to consider the following:

  • Ask the car broker about their fees and weigh this up against any potential savings
  • Ensure you engage an independent car broker. If a car broker is linked to a dealership they may not be acting in your best interests additionally this limits your access to the entire market.
  • Do some of your own research so you know the rough value of your trade in and expected cost of your new car.

Thinking about a new car? Don’t have the time to go from dealer to dealer? Contact Your Buyer – we take the hassle out of buying and selling your car.