Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to go to the beach or water park to escape the heat. It’s also the time of year many of us take to the road for our summer holidays. If you’re planning a long journey in the summer heat it’s important to make sure that your car is up to the task. Here are some easy car care tips for summer.

Check The Engine Oil

This should be first on your summer car maintenance checklist. Engine oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine, preventing corrosion, and also plays an important role in keeping your engine cool. While your engine oil should be checked and changed at regular intervals (usually during its scheduled service), it’s still important to check it before heading off on a long journey. While you’re there, ensure you check your transmission fluid and engine coolant.

Check Your Tyres

Your safety depends on your tyres since and they should always be correctly inflated and in good condition. Improper inflation of your tyres can affect your car’s handling, fuel economy and in some cases, they may even burst because of the summer heat and pressure. After a long drive, always inspect your tyres for any damage.

Have Your Car Battery Checked

A car battery can last for years, but there are variables, and if your battery is more than three years old it’s worth having it checked. Extremes in both hot and cold can cause damage to your battery, eventually resulting in total failure.

Keep Your Car Clean

You should wash your car at least once a week in order to remove any dirt, tree sap or tar which can affect the finish. When paint peels or flakes off, your car will be more vulnerable to rust and shorten its lifespan. A clean car also looks and feels much nicer!